Signature Mega Volume Rainbow Tweezers


Get your MEGA VOLUME on, IN STYLE! These are the tweezers of all tweezers!

Create UP TO 20D lashes with this long 1/2 inch, L boot, crazy MEGA fanning tool.

These tweezers are the highest grade Japanese steel, solid and heavy, but light enough to be easy on the fingers and hands. With a longer and sturdier L shaped boot at the tip, these tight pinch tweezers will make your MEGA VOLUME sets a breeze! You will find it easier to pick up more lashes, therefore making your sets fluffier and desirable. And holy cow, look how pretty they are!!

Presented in a protective aluminum tight lock case, these tweezers will keep you lashing FOREVER!

Anti static, non corrosive, high quality.

Japanese steel is a high grade steel, heavier in weight and most popularly used by lash stylists.